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.NET Dev Summit 2020 - APAC is a free virtual developer conference co-organized by Singapore Mobile .Net Developers, MonkeyFest, Microsoft and Xamariners.

Come and join us for a full day of action-packed top banana sessions to learn about the latest and greatest of Microsoft Technologies directly from Global Microsoft folks, Microsoft MVPs, Industry experts, and Community rockstars.


  • 09:00 AM SGT

    Event Briefing

  • James Montemagno

    09:30 AM - 10:25 AM SGT

    Taking .NET Everywhere

    By James Montemagno
    In this mobile first, cloud first world, it's essential to have a high-performing, powerful framework available on every platform you're targeting. That framework is .NET and has expanded to every device imaginable. Whether it is server, web, mobile, wearables, or IoT, .NET is there and fully cross-platform. Developers can now leverage Xamarin to craft native Mobile and Desktop applications from a single shared code base, while building back-ends and web sites in .NET Core and ASP.NET Core that can run on any operating system to power them. Join James Montemagno in a keynote session focused on how you can leverage your existing .NET and C# skills to build apps for any platform. He'll take you through everything you need to get started building apps and a few revolutionary tools to help learn the amazing APIs packed into each platform.
  • Maddy Leger

    10:30 AM - 11:25 AM SGT

    What’s new with Xamarin?

    By Maddy Leger
    Xamarin developers are creating beautiful cross-platform mobile apps faster and easier than ever. Xamarin.Forms 5 introduces new controls to help developers create modern, appealing app UX with less code. Along with the new SDK, the Xamarin team has been hard at work making improvements to every aspect of the .NET mobile development process. We’ve made it more intuitive to write code, faster to build and deploy your apps, and easier to iterate on your UIs with a wide variety of tools and features. Join Maddy Leger, Xamarin Program Manager, to learn about some of the latest features coming to Xamarin like XAML Hot Reload for Xamarin.Forms, Hot Restart for iOS development on Windows, custom drawn UI, and more!
  • Safia Abdalla

    11:30 AM - 12:25 PM SGT

    Inside what’s new in Blazor

    By Safia Abdalla
    Perf improvements, lazy-loading, and CSS isolation – oh my! These are just some of the features that are dropping in Blazor as part of .NET 5. In this talk, we’ll discuss these features, how you can use them to level-up your Blazor apps, and go behind the scenese of the design and implementation process of each of these features.
  • Mads Torgersen

    12:30 PM - 01:25 PM SGT

    The Future of C#

    By Mads Torgersen
    In this talk Mads - Lead Designer of the C# programming language will cover the future of the C# language and some of the amazing features built for you.
  • Adrian Stevens

    01:30 PM - 02:25 PM SGT

    Build real embedded IoT with C# using Meadow

    By Adrian Stevens
    Use the Meadow IoT platform to build enterprise-grade hardware solutions that run full .NET on embeddable microcontrollers. We’ll deploy C# apps to real hardware with Visual Studio. Learn how to control hardware using software patterns and techniques you already use for cloud, desktop and mobile!
  • Nish Anil

    02:30 PM - 03:00 PM SGT

    Building Microservices in .NET with project Tye

    By Nish Anil
    Microservices development can be hard. In this talk, we'll discuss why microservices are important and why you should care about them. And, learn about Docker, Kubernetes, and Project Tye - new tooling the .NET team is working on to help you build microservices faster!
  • Nilesh Gule

    03:05 PM - 03:25 PM SGT

    Big Data for .Net Devs using Spark

    By Nilesh Gule
    .Net for Apache Spark was announced recently. Lets see how .Net developers can leverage Spark for big data processing
  • Ben Ishiyama-Levy

    03:30 PM - 03:50 PM SGT

    Infrastructure as Code with C# and Pulumi

    By Ben Ishiyama-Levy
    Create, deploy and manage cloud infrastructure using .NET. Use the features of the Visual Studio family with auto-completion, error checking with red markers, build error messages, refactoring tools, and package managers. Reference any NuGet library compatible with .NET Core !
  • Ask the Experts

    03:55 PM - 04:30 PM SGT

    Ask the Experts



James Montemagno

Principal Lead PM for .NET Community, Microsoft

Maddy Leger

Maddy Leger

Program Manager at Microsoft on the Xamarin team. She has been with the team since 2018 working on Xamarin tooling.

Safia Abdalla

Safia Abdalla

Software engineer on the ASP.NET Core team at Microsoft, a maintainer in the nteract ecosystem, and a writer.

Mads Torgersen

Mads Torgersen

Lead designer of the C# Programming Language and a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.

Adrian Stevens

Adrian Stevens

Technical Advisor, Wilderness Labs & Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Learn

Nish Anil

Nish Anil

Senior Program Manager .NET Team, Microsoft

Nilesh Gule

Nilesh Gule

Microsoft MVP, Big Data and Cloud Solutions Architect, Prudential

Ben Ishiyama-Levy

Ben Ishiyama-Levy

Microsoft MVP, Founder & CEO, Xamariners


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